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Inboard Boat Motor Manufacturers Directory

Inboard Boat Motors Directory

An inboard engine is generally installed in a special compartment within the boat's hull. In contrast, an outboard motor is mounted on the transom, outside the hull.

Inboard engines are usually installed at the bottom of the hull on flexible supports designed to absorb movement and impact. A propeller shaft transfers rotary motion from the engine to the propeller. A stuffing box ensures a water tight seal where the shaft passes through the hull. Other transmission systems options include stern drive, surface drive and V-drive.

Each boat manufacturer indicates a power range within which the vessel is certified to operate. Too small of an engine will cause it to operate beyond its optimum speed and stress, causing excess fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Too big of an engine will be overly powerful and must be used with caution to avoid structural damage to the watercraft.

Matching transmission type and characteristics to the engine is an important factor in performance.

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